Abou⁠t⁠ Us

Our purpose ⁠i⁠s ⁠t⁠o un⁠i⁠⁠t⁠e commun⁠i⁠⁠t⁠⁠i⁠es around a sense of pr⁠i⁠de ⁠i⁠n Amer⁠i⁠ca and wha⁠t⁠ makes Amer⁠i⁠ca flour⁠i⁠sh.

Our Vision

We work toward a time in our country when supporting America is patriotic and not a political statement; when civil discourse replaces shouting; and when standing up for America is more important than standing against each other.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a broad, diverse coalition of people who support those timeless American values that empower everyone to thrive, including: equal opportunity, mutual respect and freedom of expression.

Our Values


We encourage and celebrate a pride in, connection to and a responsibility for our community and country. We are a diverse group of many, united in our common love for America.


We support being able to express ourselves freely and we believe that being exposed to different opinions and new ideas is enriching. Freedom of expression means that you should be able to think, say, or do what your conscience dictates and that you should also be able to speak truth to power, free of censorship.


We believe our diversity can and should unite us by making us stronger. Americans are proudly individualistic and shouldn’t be forced into siloed identity groups. We believe that all individuals, regardless of background and beliefs, should be treated with respect.


We advocate for the ability of all Americans to work, prosper, worship, and live their lives as they see fit in safety and freedom because that is core to the human experience.


We believe that everyone deserves a fair shot at the American dream and one mistake shouldn’t define a person’s whole life.

Our Team

Helena Richardson

Deroy Murdock

Derrick Wilburn

Gabriel Nadales

National Director, Our America

Maria Fernanda Bello

President, America’s Momentum

Virginia Walden Ford

Nationally recognized Parental Education Advocate

Beverly Hallberg

President, District Media Group

Nicole Neily

President, Parents Defending Education

Rachel Verdejo

Development Director, Our America

Paul Parisi

Arizona Grassroots Director

Alfonso Aguilar

Donna Jackson

Director of Membership Development, Project 21, National Center for Public Policy Research