Hometown Heroes

Become a Hometown Hero and join volunteers from all walks of life who want to fight for the American Dream and counter the overly partisan groups who want to make it a thing of the past.

Do you believe America is a place of opportunity? That the American Dream is worth fighting for? If so, you’re in luck!

You can make a difference by joining Our America Hometown Heroes, a free grassroots activism network, and show the political and media classes that everyday Americans are not as divided as they say we are. 

As Hometown Heroes, we protect the American Dream by making our voices heard in our local communities through contacting lawmakers, becoming advocates for our ideas in traditional and alternative media and hosting and attending local events.

Our America Hometown Heroes is a free, non-partisan activist network that’s for all of us – Black, brown, white, tall or short, new immigrant or Mayflower descendant, deep in faith or non-believers alike. No matter your political affiliation, who you are or where you come from, we invite you to be a Hometown Hero and fight to help us overcome our differences and make a change at the local level. 

Help bring change to your community with Our America Hometown Heroes.
As a member, Our America will equip you with the necessary resources to uplift your community and change the national dialogue. 

By signing up for our free membership, you gain access to:

  • A community of like-minded changemakers 
  • Activist resources to advocate for the issues you care about 
  • Exclusive grassroots trainings 
  • Exclusive Our America Hometown Heroes swag 
  • Access to the Our America Hometown Heroes Facebook group 
  • Calls with a nationwide network of other Hometown Heroes
  • Local events where you can make a change in your community

As a Hometown Hero you will lead the fight to:

  • Keep inflation in check and protect your wallet by cutting government spending
  • Fully fund and support our police and law enforcement 
  • Enact common sense criminal justice reforms so that the criminal justice system puts violent criminals behind bars but reduce sentences for nonviolent crimes 
  • Protect religious freedom for Americans of ALL religious backgrounds
  • Advocate for free speech in your community
  • Ensure election integrity by requiring voter ID for in-person voting 

Ready to become a Hometown Hero and make your voice heard today?