Freedom of Thought

Freedom of thought is a fundamental American ideal. It is enshrined in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which protects rights like free speech and religious freedom.

Unfortunately, a recent trend has emerged in American society. People from the narrow fringes are attempting to bully, silence and cancel others for expressing different beliefs or for choosing to participate in their religious practices.

Many of these fringe individuals often claim they are merely trying to combat hate speech and misinformation, or protect “marginalized groups” to justify their attempts to silence others. Meanwhile, others attempt to fight censorship by becoming the thought police themselves.

Yet, censorship often serves to promote the very same fringe groups that the majority of Americans detest, while at the same time silencing honest voices seeking to promote truth and justice.

As dangerous as hate speech and misinformation can be, censorship is worse.

The key to achieving a better society is to embrace initiatives that promote civil discourse and encourage diverse perspectives in academia, the workplace and society in general. By supporting platforms that facilitate respectful conversations while respecting the unique viewpoints and beliefs of every American, we can forge a path toward a more vibrant and free America.