Safer Streets, Brighter Futures

 Naom⁠i⁠ B⁠i⁠den’s Brush w⁠i⁠⁠t⁠h Cr⁠i⁠me H⁠i⁠ghl⁠i⁠gh⁠t⁠s DC’s Grow⁠i⁠ng Concerns

By: Gabriel Nadales / November 29, 2023

Gabriel Nadales

National Director, Our America

Safer Streets, Brighter Futures

November 29, 2023

Recently, President Joe Biden’s daughter Naomi Biden was the target of the latest in a string of car break-ins in the Washington D.C area. Naomi Biden is 29 years old and, since she is directly related to the President, receives Secret Service protection. Yet, despite the heightened security protection around her in the affluent suburb of Georgetown, her car was targeted by criminals outside her residence.

Fortunately for Biden, her Secret Service protection stopped the criminals after one of the agents opened fire on the suspects. But this incident is indicative of the growing crime problem especially as it comes on the heels of Congressman Henry Cuellar of Texas who was the victim of an armed carjacking in front of his apartment building in Southeast D.C just last month.

It doesn’t matter if you are a sitting member of Congress or have secret service protection – crime is affecting everyone. This is especially true for those who don’t have the luxury or means of having around-the-clock protection. 

Take, for instance, Adrienne Blanford of Kansas City, Missouri a is the mother of seven whose van was stolen earlier this year. By having her only means of transportation taken, she and her family are struggling to find ways to go to school, get her newborn triplets to daycare, or even go to the grocery store.

“I’m not in a position to bounce back from this,” Blanford told KSHB 41.

But when it comes to carjackings, it appears that Black and Hispanic communities are hurt the most. According to the Department of Justice, Black communities are 3.71 times more likely – and Hispanic communities are 3.14 times more likely  – than their White peers to be victims of a carjacking.

This was particularly true in Durham, North Carolina, where local police are working to catch carjackers who are targeting Hispanic women. It is also true in Chicago, where several Black women recently shared their fears of being carjacked. While being only 16% of the population in the Windy City, Black women account for more than 25% of all crime victims.

What happened to Naomi Biden is happening to Americans from every corner of the country.

This is why it is important to combat crime by adopting common-sense policies like fully funding the police and strengthening penalties for violent repeat offenders. Studies suggest that adding 10 to 17 police officers is enough to save one life within a given jurisdiction, while also reducing crimes all around, including carjackings.

Americans don’t deserve to live in fear. They deserve safer streets and brighter futures.