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Help Make DC Safe Aga⁠i⁠n – Volun⁠t⁠eer ⁠i⁠n ⁠t⁠he Campa⁠i⁠gn ⁠t⁠o Recall Charles Allen 

February 26, 2024

Washington, D.C., is facing a public safety crisis. Violent crime rates have skyrocketed, making our nation’s capital one of the most dangerous cities in America. This public safety emergency demands new leadership on the DC City Council. It’s time to recall Councilmember Charles Allen.

In his former capacity as the chair of DC’s Judiciary and Public Safety Committee, Charles Allen systematically undermined the criminal justice policies that enhanced public safety in Washington. Now, DC has one of the highest rates of violent crime nationwide, with over 800 violent crimes committed per 100,000 residents.

Instead of enacting common-sense reforms to support law enforcement and protect DC neighborhoods, Charles Allen championed policies that put criminals ahead of public safety. He expanded the Youth Rehabilitation Act, reducing prison sentences for violent offenders up to age 24. The Second Look Act, another Allen-backed law, allows violent criminals who committed offenses prior to age 25 to petition for reduced sentences.

Combined, these soft-on-crime laws have flooded DC streets with violent offenders, sending crime rates soaring in every ward. But Charles Allen has continued to push a radical anti-incarceration agenda focused more on the “rights” of criminals than the safety of crime victims.

The results have been completely predictable. Carjackings, gun crimes, and homicides are terrorizing District residents who are afraid to leave their homes. Pharmacies and grocery stores across the city are shutting down due to rampant shoplifting and organized retail theft rings. Violent crime in DC remains stubbornly high even as rates decline in other major US cities.

Rather than reforming the DC police department by providing more resources and support, Charles Allen has worked relentlessly as Judiciary Chair to defund law enforcement. Under his leadership, the police budget was slashed by $15 million. There are nearly 500 fewer police officers patrolling DC streets today. The remaining officers lack critical equipment and technology tools.

Most recently, Charles Allen introduced an extreme rewrite of the DC criminal code that’s so soft on crime that even President Biden and Mayor Bowser rejected it! The proposal would have reduced sentences for many of the very offenses currently terrorizing Washingtonians.


Enough is enough. Charles Allen has failed in his most basic duty as an elected leader – keeping District residents safe. His radical anti-police, pro-criminal agenda has brought crime waves and violence to every neighborhood.

Fortunately, residents have the power to demand new leadership. A grassroots coalition has launched a petition drive to recall Charles Allen. Concerned citizens aim to collect enough signatures to put the recall before voters.

If successful, the special election would give Washingtonians the opportunity to elect a council member committed to common-sense crime fighting and robust public safety measures. It’s time to recall Charles Allen and to chart a new course for Washington, DC.

With your support, we can work to elect leaders who will carry out the first duty of government – protecting its citizens:

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