Safer Streets, Brighter Futures

A⁠t⁠lan⁠t⁠a’s Home⁠t⁠own Heroes Rally for Publ⁠i⁠c Safe⁠t⁠y Tra⁠i⁠n⁠i⁠ng Cen⁠t⁠er

April 25, 2024

On April 17, 2024, Atlanta’s Hometown Heroes gathered for a special training event to learn how to advocate for the completion of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center. In the face of opposition from radical activists seeking to derail this crucial project, these everyday Atlantans came together to support public safety. 

Our America’s National Director Gabriel Nadales convened the meeting and was joined by both concerned Atlanta residents and grassroots leaders from local coalition partners such as Nuestra Georgia and the Douglass Leadership Institute.

The training center, referred to as “Cop City” by its detractors, has been unfairly criticized as a symbol for police militarization and police brutality. In reality, it’s anything but. 

The training center will provide firefighters, EMTs/first responders, and police officers with needed training and resources to make the community a safer and better place for all.

The training center will provide these frontline workers with mental illness de-escalation training, high-stress scenario de-escalation training, and injury-prevention training for the community.

Despite the relentless efforts of a vocal minority of extremists and outside agitators, Our America remains adamant that this center is key for building trust within communities and safeguarding the well-being of both civilians and officers.

Those who met on April 17th plan to attend the May 20th City Council event to represent their fellow citizens. City Hall has supported the completion of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center in the past, but we don’t want them to be swayed by the loud extremist minority. Now, advocates are equipped to inspire City Hall to honor their commitment to complete the center.