Common Sense & Civility

The New Enl⁠i⁠gh⁠t⁠enmen⁠t⁠

By: Barrington Deon Martin II / August 9, 2022

Barrington Deon Martin II

National Director – Eastern Region

Common Sense & Civility

August 9, 2022

When I was running for Congress In 2020, I hypothesized that we were at the forefront of a new political renaissance that was taking place across our nation. After seeing various types of conflict arise due to racial tensions, government incompetence, and a news media that favored clicks and revenue over honest journalism, I believed the people were ready for a change from the immense division that was sweeping the nation at that time.

Two years later, our country is even more divided. I still believe that we are primed for the renaissance I envisioned years ago – and we need it more than ever. The country has lost its way and its identity, and our future hangs in the balance. The time is now for us to rechart our course and correct our ways together. We can achieve this through common sense and reason.

It will be the new enlightenment of the 21st century.

It starts with getting back to basics. The American Enlightenment period of the 18th century gave way to the American Revolution and the very creation of this country. 246 years later, we are witnessing the unraveling of the work done to get us here. We need to remember who we are as a nation and the fundamental values and truth this nation was founded upon. Then we need to reflect upon how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. These objectives can only be accomplished through reason, objective truth and rational discourses that seek to create solutions to any problem that arises. Our country’s first enlightenment brought forth revolutionary thought that forever changed the fabric of the nation and from that came the very freedoms and liberties we enjoy today. Now, it is time for us to take it a step further to restore – and then advance – the work of our founding fathers.

We possess the capabilities to make it better. Radical ideology that’s grounded in irrational feelings and reliving the negative aspects of the past is aiming to tear this nation apart and deceive us into thinking our country is something that it is not.

Therefore, it is time for a new Enlightenment period, a cultural renaissance predicated on reviving the aspects of common sense and reason that have made our country the best in the world.

The task is before us, and we understand what needs to be done in order to better this country for all. This new Enlightenment period will give us practical ideals and solutions towards many of the issues that plague the nation today. We can save this nation together because this my America and this is your America but, more importantly, this is Our America.