Respect & Unity

Fam⁠i⁠ly and commun⁠i⁠⁠t⁠y ⁠i⁠n 2022

By: Barrington Deon Martin II / June 23, 2022

Barrington Deon Martin II

National Director – Eastern Region

Respect & Unity

June 23, 2022

Over the last two years, politics has divided us as a nation and the Covid-19 pandemic has left us alienated from one another. We rely on technology more than ever to communicate and connect. In the process, the social fabric that once held us together as a nation is now more vulnerable than ever. As we attempt to regain some sense of normalcy in the post-Covid era, tough challenges await us. This is why it is imperative for us to repair our relationships among one another through family and, ultimately, through a sense of community. Family and community have always been the foundations which have made America an outstanding country in which to live. If we are to better our America – and transform our America into the nation we know it can be – we must strengthen our families, and cultivate our communities better than we have before.

A unified nation begins in the home and possesses a strong foundation with a collection of stable family units. For the last two years, we have been at odds with one another over political ideologies that have not only created conflict between Americans with different beliefs, but which have made us forget the things that matter most. Family is the most important of those things. With economic uncertainty, food shortages – including baby formula – and all the other problems Americans are encountering, it is urgent we do what is necessary to strengthen the family. Even in spite of the political rhetoric from the media that seeks to divide us – or the questionable decision making of our elected officials on Capitol Hill with which we may disagree – we must be diligent in not becoming distracted with the things that diminish the sense of unity that is greatly needed for the times ahead.

In a time in which we are dealing with an increase of violence of all types and the inefficiency of government in creating the necessary solutions for the American people, community becomes an important line of defense to mitigate these issues. The beauty of this great nation in which we live is the compassion we share for one another in times of duress. This is because – no matter the differences in beliefs ­– we are part of a greater community as Americans. It does not matter the region that we are from, our family background, or even our socioeconomic status, what matters most is that we are going through these times together. And, together, we will find ways to persevere through them. By ensuring that we are able to repair the sense of community in all aspects, we can begin to ensure a better life for all Americans.

Great families build great communities. Great communities build great states, and great states grow into a greater nation. We’ve lost our way as a collective over the last two years, but it’s time for us to find our way back together. We owe it to our America to do the work that’s necessary to make it even greater. A greater America begins with family and community.